Helping women over 40 sort out midlife, grow in God, and live with purpose.

Helping women over 40 sort out midlife, grow in God, and live with purpose.

Helping women over 40 sort out midlife, grow in God, and live with purpose.Helping women over 40 sort out midlife, grow in God, and live with purpose.

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The GO40 Podcast for women over 40 is officially HERE! 

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Episode 7: The Grey Area: Uncertainty in Midlife (Part 1 of 3)


Today we're starting a three part series about uncertainty in midlife.

As we begin to think about what we want the remainder of our life to look like, and start to plan out how we'll get there, it's important to look at three different things: 1) Where we've been, 2) Where we are, and 3) Where we're headed.

Today we kick off the series talking about the importance of revisiting who you've been up til now, and how all of your prior experiences are an important factor in where you're headed. 

Episode 6: Talking Grief with Kelli Nielsen, The Grief Guru


Kelli Nielsen has been through an unfathomable amount of grief. She has lived through things most of us hope to never have to. 

But that is not her story. Kelli's story is a story of HOPE and HAPPINESS in spite of everything she has gone through. 

Grief can take many forms (death, divorce, massive disappointment) and it typically broadsides us when we least expect it. It also takes a lot of us down....sometimes for a very long time.

Kelli wants to show us how to not only overcome grief, but to come through it even better than before. This is an AMAZING story of hope and overcoming. 

Can't wait for you to hear it.

Episode 5: Changes and Choices: The 'U-Curve' of Life


What exactly happens to us in our 40s? 

Why is this the time when people are most likely to have a 'midlife crisis', or get divorced, or go completely off the rails? 

Well it's actually due to a couple of things, both of which are very REAL, and both of which can take you down if you don't know how to handle them.

In today's episode we'll talk about some healthier ways you can navigate this often tumultuous time of life.

Episode 4: to grombre or not to grombre. that is the question.


Gray hair, wrinkles, spontaneous chin hairs....

On today's episode we'll talk about how to walk the line between freaking out about all the BONKERS things our bodies do midlife, and staying grounded in where our real worth lies. 

Episode 3: Shoutout to the Misfit Christian


With a propensity towards rock music, and a love for long-haired, tattooed boys, I've never felt like a 'normal' Christian. 

In this episode we'll talk about how 'misfit' Christians (and troubled people in general) are EXACTLY the type of people that Jesus gravitated towards, and still does today. 

So bring your mess! That's exactly where he wants to meet you!

Episode 2: The. Time. Is. NOW.


An unexpected event in my life this week became a perfect example of why you absolutely SHOULD NOT WAIT to make the changes you want to make in your life. 

I hope this inspires you to move forward. 

Episode 1: New Podcast. Who Dis??


Welcome to the Grace Over 40 Podcast! 

This first episode is just a quick intro to who I am and what to expect 'round here. 

Let's do this!