Helping women over 40 sort out midlife, grow in God, and live with purpose.

Helping women over 40 sort out midlife, grow in God, and live with purpose.

Helping women over 40 sort out midlife, grow in God, and live with purpose.Helping women over 40 sort out midlife, grow in God, and live with purpose.

About Me


I'm Julie

Age 49, wife, and mother of three. 

I hit my 40s and also hit a lot of very unexpected turbulence.

Between realizing that I was not what I wanted to be when I grew up, experiencing my kids' independence/moving out of the house, dealing with frequent mood swings (thanks, hormones!), questioning my purpose in this world, having a mid-life crisis, and seeing my husband through a massive crisis of his own (alcoholism, bipolar disorder, and two suicide attempts), my 40s were a very difficult time.

I realized that several of the hard things I went through were pretty common occurrences for women our age. But in spite of that, we are largely ignored in the media, on social media, and just in general. 

We are the 'forgotten' age, caught between being a young mom and an elderly lady, and there is little to no support for us, even though this is one of the times in our lives when we need it the most!

In addition, did you know that statistically a woman is most likely to get divorced in her 40s?

I believe that in many cases it can be traced back (at least in part) to the uncertainty, loneliness, loss of identity, and fear of the future that a lot of us begin to feel at this age.

God tugged at my heart and told me that women over 40 need a voice. They need support. They need a sympathetic ear who understands exactly how they are feeling, and can help them sort it out.

And that's how 'Grace Over 40' was born. <3


What I Do Here

My 40s (and the few years leading up to them) have been TOUGH.

I've always been a bit of a wild one, but I now realize that a lot of the choices I made (and some of the things that I did) over the last several years were actually due to a 'mid-life crisis' of sorts.

I made a lot of mistakes.

In fact, I tried super hard to wreck my life completely numerous times, but God's grace consistently turned things around, smoothed my crazy path, and gave me a beautiful life in spite of myself.

That's what he does. <3 

So my mess is now my message and I know it's meant to be used to inspire and encourage other women in this stage of life to refocus, find their strength, reconnect with themselves, and live out their God-given purpose in this world.

I don't want your road to be as long or as hard as mine has been.

My mission is to make every woman in her 40s feel seen, understood, and ultimately relieved and excited to learn that instead of this part of life being really trying, it can actually be one of the BEST times in your life


How I Do It

I share my experiences here through blog posts. My hope is that they encourage you, and let you know that you are not alone in a lot of the things you are experiencing/feeling in your 40s.

In addition, I've written Bible studies and devotionals that address some of the topics I feel are important to us at this stage in life. These devotionals are a great way to grow your relationship with the Lord, and fully experience the beautiful life that he wants to give you. 

You can even grab one of my devotionals absolutely free right here! The rest of them can be found by visiting the 'SHOP' tab.

For women who are ready to go deeper, there's my 8 week mentoring program called 'Project: Me'. It is designed just for women who are in this often transitional period of life. 

We'll work together to get you unstuck, and moving forward towards the life you truly want to live. The time is NOW!

If any of that resonates with you please head over here to learn more.